Welcome to Our Band Family, Beginners!

Dear Lopez Beginner Band Students and Parents,

We hope all our new band families are safe, healthy and enjoying summer as much as possible! We wanted to reach out and touch base as I’m sure you all have many questions going into this most unprecedented school year. As we do not have all the answers yet from our district officials, we hope to provide you with as much information as possible at this time regarding your child’s first year in band. Although lengthy, we ask that you please read through this entire email to catch all information.

Classes will begin virtually at Lopez MS on August 17th. A detailed schedule will be sent to you directly from NEISD and Lopez MS before this date, so please be on the lookout for that. We are thrilled that band will be allowed to be taught virtually as well during these first few weeks of school, and therefore, we are diligently planning this summer to give our students the very best band experience in a few weeks!

For students who have already had an interview last February and been confirmed to play an instrument, please ensure that you are taking some time this summer to purchase or rent your instrument and all the equipment from the supply list you were provided with in your confirmation email last spring. Many of the local stores from our recommended vendor list are providing protocols such as on-line purchasing and curbside pickup for your family’s safety. Supply lists and suggested music stores can be found at https://lopezband.com/handouts/handouts-for-beginners/.

If you were confirmed to play a school-owned instrument (oboe, bassoon, French horn, euphonium or tuba), then please look for an email with details as to when/how students will be allowed to come and pick up their instrument from our band hall before school begins. These students, however, should still be purchasing the small list of supplies provided as well.

For students who have NOT yet been placed on an instrument by the band directors, we will have details soon from our district as to how we can proceed with an interview process for your child. We will send an email with details as soon as we receive more information to these specific students on our roster. DO NOT WORRY! You still have a place in our band program and will be placed on an instrument that is perfect to your natural ability!

ONCE YOU HAVE RECEIVED/PURCHASED YOUR INSTRUMENT, WE ASK THAT STUDENTS TAKE GREAT CARE OF THEIR INSTRUMENT BY NOT OPENING THEM OR PLAYING THEM UNTIL PROPERLY TAUGHT TO DO SO BY THE LOPEZ BAND DIRECTORS. We understand the excitement, but we see many unfortunate accidents that result in costly repairs due to students not having been trained yet on how to properly open cases and handle the different parts of the instrument. Because of our current circumstances, any resulting damage to an instrument will take longer than usual to repair, which will certainly put a student behind in their progress. We also find that students who try to play the instrument before taught by an expert in our field develop incorrect habits that will greatly hinder their progress through their years in band. It is our goal and passion to ensure our students are properly set up for success in learning their instrument for the first time so they have a wonderful experience throughout their years in band!

When and if the city and school district allow us to resume normal school at Lopez, whether your family chooses “in person” or “online” learning, please rest assured that we are here to provide your child with a quality education in music and our band program. We are prepared and ready to adapt and overcome to give our band students the most exhilarating time in band!

Thank you, and please continue to look for emails from our band program throughout the summer and school year. We are looking forward to meeting all of our beginner band students as soon as possible and especially in person someday soon!

Welcome to the Lopez MS Band Family!!!

Kim Garza                                      Jessica Powell

Director of Bands                       Associate Director of Bands

kgarza1@neisd.net                    jpowel4@neisd.net